Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning Services

You want your organization to have a clear vision of the future and a plan to get there?

We’ll work with you and your leadership team to create a strategic plan that excites and gets buy-in with the rest of your company.

Our process is consultative (we provide the guidance) and has proven very successful. You are the experts in your industry and understands the nitty gritty of the industry. We will provide the guidelines whiles you provide the industry expertise.

For your plan to be successful, it needs to be aligned at three different levels:

  • Aligned with the leadership team.
  • Aligned with your vision, mission and strategic priorities.
  • Aligned with the rest of your organization: From the top to bottom.


Without the above approach, you risk wasting time, money and energy – Employees won’t be engaged, you’ll have communication gaps at all levels, and your strategy execution will suffer.

Our clients have been able to have been able to get buy in from all employees at all levels. From the top down and the bottom up, they know how to contribute to the success of the organization and what a clear version of success looks like.

Over a matter of days, our clients have gone from not knowing where to start and what to do next, to being marshalled around a common purpose, becoming aware of the opportunities and challenges that await them, and the next steps they need to take to get to their desired destination.

How can you get your own strategy? It starts with a conversation.

Get your strategy aligned to your organization’s ambition by using us to facilitate your next strategic planning meeting.

  1. Schedule a 30-minute discussion so we can better understand your important issues and some of the objectives you’re hoping to achieve. We’ll walk you through our process and create an agenda for your strategic planning session.
  2. We’ll work with you to create a survey that is sent to key stakeholders to identify issues, opportunities, and to get a baseline around existing alignment, values, and important areas in the organization.
  3. A member of our team will work with you and your team to facilitate your strategic planning session and go through the agreed upon agenda.
  4. Within seven days, you and your team will receive the draft version of the plan.

Once we have completed this planning session we will support you and your team to execute the strategy and progress through your team development and growth.

Still unsure what exactly you need? Learn more about our Strategic Planning Services below:

Strategic Planning Meeting Facilitation

One-day or Two-day facilitated strategic planning sessions to align your team and get clarity on direction. Refresh your strategy and discuss your vision, mission, culture, strategic priorities and more.

Strategic Program Creation

Is your organization looking to achieve transformational growth? Use us as your ‘Strategic Partner’ to keep you accountable to your plan and on track with your vision.

How we can help:

  • Comprehensive strategy assessment.
  • Quarterly strategy meetings.
  • Monthly coaching/Mentoring calls.
  • Ongoing strategic plan monitoring.
Other Customized Services

A host of other services to support your organizational goals.

Services available:

  • Strategy assessment
  • Organizational Alignment Program
  • Strategic plan document creation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic planning training

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