Strategy Approach

Our unique (Consultative) approach empowers your team (both executive and non-executive) to create a lasting impact, and provides you a dynamic process you can review and adapt whenever needed. We ensure that anyone to be affected by the strategic plan has input in its design which helps during the implementation stage as everyone will be onboard.

  1. Understanding your organization, its aspiration, industry/sector, staff and etc.
  2. Pre-Planning survey – questionnaire sent to participants to identify issues, opportunities, and to get a baseline around existing values and important areas in the organization.
  3. Strategic session workshop agenda – draw the agenda for the planning workshop.

4. Strategy session workshop. – A facilitated planning session according to set agenda.

5. Post strategy workshop follow up – Follow up on key issues identified during the strategy session.

6. Draft strategic plan – available within 7 days of the workshop.

7. Financial projections – add-on service available upon request.

8. Final inputs from organization executive.


9. Final Strategic Plan Presentation.

10. Final Financial Projections Presentation.

11. Post planning survey.

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