Digital Marketing

Are you struggling to reach your target market? Do you know your market? What strategies are you employing to reach your target audience? Which social media platforms do your target audience frequent?

Don’t have an answer for these? Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Digital Marketing Campaign
Thanks to higher internet penetration across the globe, businesses, organizations and individuals are finding it easier to promote their products, services and brands to a larger audience. However, to reach the right audience and maximize resources, there is the need to have a clear strategy and campaign.

At I-Myke, we take our clients through through 4 phases:

Phase 1: Strategize

A digital campaign should align with overall business objectives and complement offline marketing activities.

  • Align online marketing and analytics to business objectives.
  • Align online marketing and analytics to offline campaigns.
  • Identify key areas of improvement.
  • Identify effective business processes.
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators and other measurements specific to the industry.
Phase 2: Implement

A good strategy without a proper implementation plan will yield no results.

  • Identify the proper scope of the effort at inception.
  • Provide creatives that enhance the user experience.
  • Develop or contract the appropriate technologies or solutions.
  • Maximize SEOs.
  • Integrate digital data with traditional offline media data for a comprehensive overview
Phase 3: Benchmark

A digital campaign should align with overall business objectives and complement offline marketing activities.

  • Define Key Performance Indicators
  • Customize visitor engagement measurements by industry.
  • Determine the client’s and it’s competitors’ baseline.
  • Facilitate reporting and distribution of data and analytics with a well designed database and dashboard
Phase 4: Optimize

Real time feedback makes digital campaigns an on-going process. Periodically, campaigns should be tested and analyzed to ensure continuous impact.

  • Continually test multiple combinations to simulate different campaigns to inform digital campaigns.
  • Use behavioral targeting of potential viewers.
  • Proactively analyze digital campaigns to remain relevant and engaging.
  • Convert website visitors into customers more quickly and at lower cost than traditional media.

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